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Spice mixers

Nauta type conical screw mixer 


Mixer for quick and thorough mixing of several components in the form of solids, loose or powders in order to obtain a homogeneous mixture. It is used in various industries, including food, construction and pharmaceutical. Our products of this series have been used in spice production plants and meat plants.


It is a screw mixer with a conical structure. Consists of:

  • Conical, vertical container;
  • Inside the container there is a screw agitator, which rotates around its own axis and the container, which allows for thorough mixing of the ingredients in the entire space of the container;
  • From the top, the container is closed with a lid with a built-in filling hatch;
  • Above the lid there is an agitator drive consisting of carbon steel gear and EX explosion-proof motor for the dusty zone;
  • In the lower part there is a chute with a knife driven by an arm-auger, which allows for thorough cleaning of the bottom;
  • Individual drive elements, such as gears, are made of high-quality steel;
  • On request, the mixer can be adapted to the needs of the recipient both in terms of size and arrangement of actuators and extended with additional functionality such as feeders and elevators

Principle of operation

The method of mixing consists in taking the products from the bottom up along the side wall of the funnel. In the center of the funnel, what the agitator has pulled up falls down. As a result of such cyclical work, the ingredients are precisely mixed.


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