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Labeling machines

Labeling machines


The labeling machine is used to wrap sausages with self-adhesive labels for various types of sausages, both single salami type and rings of sausages or thin one.

Prtinciple of operation

Operator puts products onto the conveyor, which moves them to the gripper. The gripper wraps each portion by turning it and putting the label at the same time. Then the gripper releases sausages onto the conveyor or, for example, another table or a buffer container.

The machine wraps sausages with diameter from 30 to 80 mm. Its maximum capacity is up to 40 cycles/min. The speed of operation is adjustable to properly wrap different thicknesses and lengths of sausages and to adapt to the speed of application by the operator.
The labeling machine is controlled by a controller with a touch panel on which the operator:   

  • adjusts working parameters;
  • saves them in the form of recipes and manages them; 
  • has information about detected irregularities in operation (alarms), e.g. due to lack of pressure in the installation or sausages on the feeder


  • additional conveyors for integrating the labeller with other devices in the line, e.g. packed in foil bags machine;
  • possibility of integration with an external production monitoring and analysis system, e.g. SCADA type


  • Quick wrapping of the product with label, which reduces costs by replacing manual wrapping;
  • Designed for hygiene and easy cleaning, made of stainless steel;
  • Parameterization. Adaptation to work with cyclically changing products thanks to functionality of recipes;
  • Ease of use. Entering and managing settings from the touch panel, signaling alarm states;
  • Control. It counts the number of wrapped sausages, which can be used for statistical reports.

NEW: additional option: positioning portions of sausage along the machine. This gives the possibility of placing the machine along the packing line, and not, as in the basic option, perpendicularly to this line.


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