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Automatic storages



The automatic storage is a system operating on the principle of "goods to man", computer-controlled, supporting the storage and retrieval of products. It is designed to optimize space, service and storage management. It allows you to save space, time and reduce the number of staff. It also helps to minimize errors resulting from the human factor.

Principle of operation

The essential element of the storage is a crane on guides, which transports goods quickly and precisely between a given distribution point and racks located along the guides. The distribution point can be manually operated by a human or integrated into the production line.

The storage is often adapted to the size and type of products. Usually lighter ones are stored in containers, boxes, heavier ones on pallets. The platform carrying products, to increase efficiency, can be double, i.e. it can carry two boxes at the same time to different locations - shelves.

The system automatically distributes products on the shelves in order to ensure the highest work efficiency. Classified, faster-moving products go to zones closer to the point of distribution. In case of food storage, it is important to store and retrieve it using the FIFO (first-in-first-out) method.

For the needs of the food industry, the storage is equipped with a washing platform and an automated rack cleaning system. During operation, the warehouse, in addition to distributing full boxes, can take empty ones to the washing point.

For the needs of product identification, an RFID or barcode system is equipped. A certainty of the storage and retrieval process, position control and full inventory control are an undeniable advantages over standard storages.


  • Time saving. The process is automatic and smooth. The crane is equipped with drives that allow for fast work while maintaining precision.
  • Space-saving. Higher, more closely spaced racks compared to standard storages.
  • Reducing storage costs, labor costs and manpower requirements.
  • Constant inventory control. Thanks to automatic real-time inventory, it allows you to control the status of stored goods, efficiency and space saving.
  • Minimization of errors compared to manual storage management.
  • Easy to maintain hygiene, automatic washing.
  • Increased safety thanks to less human involvement in the storage process.


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