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Dry drum breading machines


This breading machine is used for coating products with hard-to-reach absorption surface, such as poultry wings, with large granulation dry breading.

Principle of operation

The device works by covering the meat elements with breading in a drum. The use of a sufficiently long path that the product travels in the drum determines good adhesion of breading. Then, the meat elements are transferred to a set of conveyors, which separates the excess breading and, at the same, time clean them.


  • drum and belt speed adjusment;
  • drum tilt adjustment;
  • outlet belt width - 600mm;
  • capacity - max. 1,5 t/h


  • Full coverage of the product with breading on all sides;
  • Efficient use of breading by recirculation;
  • Separation of clumped granules;
  • Hygienic and ergonomic design, easy to clean, made of acid-proof steel.
  • Integration, compatibility. It can be easily integrated into a production line and work with devices that receive  and deliver the product from the breading machine.


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