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Who we are

MASTECH Piotr Chróśniak

MASTECH Piotr Chróśniak is a company with a 15-year tradition and 100% Polish capital. Our knowledge, experience in the food industry, as well as trust-based relationships with partners, suppliers and customers are the values that guarantee success.

The constant striving to improve the quality of our services causes that the list of our regular customers, both in Poland and abroad, is growing. Experienced specialists and professional technical advice guarantee services at the highest level at every stage of the contract. Counting on your interest in our products, we are at your disposal.

We have our own design and technology office, where we improve existing products and design new devices in accordance with EU requirements. We use 3D design systems, which allows our engineering staff to more accurately and flawlessly consider the issues of ergonomics, safety and functionality of our products.


Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

MASTECH Piotr Chróśniak

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88 - 306 Dąbrowa
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Sales department:

Radosław Kotkiewicz

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International trade:

Ewelina Radzikowska

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Automation and IT systems:

Maciej Chróśniak

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Stock and spare parts:

Natalia Krzyżosiak

tel: +48 883-450-420
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Tomasz Chróśniak

tel: +48 796-041-746
email: serwis@mastech-technology.pl