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It is a series of washers with a capacity of 600 to 2400 boxes per hour. These are washers for demanding applications, with a three-chamber structure. They consist of an initial, main and rinsing section. Thanks to the advanced control system, the device uses special systems "MASTECH WATER SAVE" and "MASTECH ECO DSS" ((DETRGENT SAVING SYSTEM). These washers are used for washing boxes with medium and high levels of dirt. They are characterized by high washing pressure and high water flow in a closed circuit, and thus low water consumption. The pressure and a large stream of water ensure an intensive washing process, and thus effective washing of dirt from the box.


These washers are characterized by:

  • simple and compact structure with a high emphasis on hygiene;
  • high washing pressure;
  • pumps with increased amount of water in a closed circuit - it does not increase water consumption;
  • good price-quality ratio;
  • liquid recirculation and automatic refreshment;
  • adjustable washing capacity in relation to the number of washed boxes;
  • low energy consumption in relation to the washing quality;
  • intuitive operator panel with visualization and statistics - SCADA.


Optional equipment:

  • optional equipment
  • rotary slotted filter
  • control panel with diagnostics
  • disinfection module
  • foam suppression system
  • "Mastech Clean ME" system
  • fume extractor
  • drying


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