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Eco washer BASIC

Eco washer BASIC

It is a series of washers with a capacity of 600 to 2,400 boxes per hour. They are simple in construction three-chamber washers. They consist of an initial, main and rinsing section. Thanks to the advanced control system, the device uses a special system “MASTECH WATER SAVE”, “ MASTECH ECO DSS” (DETRGENT SAVING SYSTEM). These washers are used for washing boxes with medium and high contamination.

These washers are characterized by:

  • simple and compact structure;
  • highly hygienic performance;
  • increased washing pressure;
  • pumps with increased amount of water in a closed circuit - it does not increase water consumption;
  • good price-quality ratio;
  • liquid recirculation and automatic refreshment;
  • adjustable washing capacity in relation to the number of washed containers;
  • low energy consumption in relation to the washing quality;
  • intuitive operator panel with visualization and statistics - SCADA

Optional equipent:

  • rotary slotted filter;
  • control panel with diagnostics;
  • disinfection module;
  • „Mastech Clean ME” system;
  • fume extractor;
  • drying.


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