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Box dryer

The in-line box dryer is a specialized drying device designed to dry E2 boxes after the washing process. The device can be successfully used in other industries where dimensions of the transported detail are within 600x400x200mm.


  • BD-F4 - four fans, dedicated to WM-600 washer
  • BD-F6 - six fans, dedicated to the WM-1000 washer
  • BD-F8 - eight fans, dedicated to the WM-1200 washer


  • Capacity up to 2400 pcs./h 
  • Ease of use. Management of parameters and process performance from the touch panel
  • Compact one-body design, no protruding parts
  • 4/6/8 air knives
  • Heat recovery and use it to heat the air in the nozzles
Dimension/Type BD-F4  BD-F6  BD-F8
Height 1928mm 1928mm 1928mm
Width 1457mm 1457mm 1457mm
Length 2710mm 3406mm 3406mm


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